Wiser to book prior to journey, especially on Sunday or Monday when most of restaurants might be closed.

Civilisations, Le Pré-soir, Les 3 pilliers, Auberge du Mont Mercure, Le Chat Huant (only on Sundays).

Our menú : 30€/guest, drinks included (20€/kid 12years or younger) inside or outside depending on weather

Let it brie: 200m away, cheese restaurant onsite or to takeaway
Loup Blanc: 1 km away, Lunch, terrase, onsite or to takeaway
Le Donjon:
Subway: Mall Leclerc 1km away, fast food onsite or to takeaway
L’Envers du décor: French cuisine restaurant in city center
Aroma: French restaurant in city center
La Fine Bouche: French cuisine restaurant in city center
Civilisations: Grill barbecue, terrasse
Les Jardins du Lavoir: Pizza, grill barbecue, terrasse
Le Pre-soir: Winery and restaurant, terrasse, onsite or takeaway
La Pizzeria: Pizza, onsite or takeaway
Le Chat Huant: Crêpes, terrasse in city center https://m.facebook>chathuant
Aux Délices des Halles: City center, terrasse https://m.facebook>auxdelicesdeshalles
Regal Express: Pizza, ssalads, sandwichs, onsite, takeaway or delivery
Domino’s Pizza: Pizza, ssalads, sandwichs, onsite, takeaway or delivery>lesherbiers
Les 3 Piliers: Le Boupère (10 km) - Local cuisine, terrasse
Auberge du Mont Mercure: Saint Michel Mont Mercure (10 km) French cuisine resurant

-Taxi/VTC: Renou: Tel. +33635234425

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